• Name: Jamie Kisling
  • Work Anniversary: July 2018
  • Job Title: Assistant Media Planner, Digital
  • Favorite thing about working at Jordan: I love the loyalty that team members have for Jordan and the loyalty the agency has for us in return. I would have never imagined my journey here to be where it is today because it’s just so much greater. I’ve grown so much in such a short amount of time because of the opportunities I’ve been given.

Where did you go?
“I went to San Francisco, California.”

Who did you go with?
“I took a solo trip with just me, myself and I but also spent time with a friend who recently moved to the Bay Area.”

What kind of trip was it?
“It was a leisure trip over Labor Day weekend.”

Why did you go?
“I went because I have never been to California before and a friend from college recently moved to the Bay Area. I’m trying to visit at least one place I’ve never been every year. I wanted to visit my friend and finally make my way to the West Coast.”

Tell us about your favorite part of the trip?
“My favorite part was probably seeing all of the classic, San Fran homes and neighborhoods. I’m a big architecture fan, especially when it comes to homes.
There was also this area called Twin Peaks, where you could drive up a hill and get out to see an amazing view of basically the whole Bay Area. I had honestly never experienced a city view that amazing until I was sitting at the top of Twin Peaks.”

Tell us about something you learned on your trip?
“I learned that solo travels can be fun but can also get a little lonely at times. I spent about half of time with my friend who lives out there but did a lot on my own. Any big city isn’t going to be the best place to be by yourself at night, but pretty much every night I was so worn out by the time the sun was going down that I was ready to go back to my hotel and relax. I might have done more if I was with someone the whole time.”

Tell us about something you ate on your trip?
“I had brunch at a place called Brenda’s French Soul Food and had an omelet with cheese and andouille sausage as well as a mimosa. It was a great spot and I wish I would have had room in my stomach to try their beignets as well!”

What is something you always bring with you when you travel?
“I always make sure to ‘bring’ extra room in my suitcase because I am a big shopper when I’m traveling to large cities. I definitely left with a very full suitcase with lots of souvenirs and nice, new clothes!”

Would you visit again?
“I would absolutely visit San Francisco again! I was there for 4 days and still wasn’t able to do everything I would have liked to do. Alcatraz was sold out the whole time I was there and I had no idea everyone buys their tickets way in advance! That was something I really wanted to do but had to miss out on. I also would really like to visit Sausalito, which is just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. They were throwing their annual Arts Festival while I was there, but I didn’t have time to visit.”

Would you recommend it to other travelers?
“I would! I stayed in a ‘European Style Hotel’ – aka hostel, in order to save money. I was a little nervous staying somewhere like that for my first time, but it was so much more affordable than other options and everyone was so friendly.
San Francisco also has so many different neighborhoods and districts so I would definitely recommend doing some research to figure out where you would feel the most comfortable. I knew I wanted to be in a very walkable area, so I choose Hayes Valley because of the proximity to lots of shops and restaurants, but away from most of the more touristy areas and attractions. I was close enough to public transportation in order to get to places that weren’t really walkable, but I mostly got around by walking and ended up with over 80k steps (31 miles) by the end of my trip according to my Fitbit!”

Would you ever live there?
“I’m not sure. It’s a very cool city, but it’s known for being one of the most expensive places to live in the US. If I was able to afford it, I would consider it. But, I think I would rather stay somewhere that is super affordable and be able to travel to places like San Francisco when I want to.”

How did you document your trip?
“I tried to take lots of pictures! I haven’t posted much to my social media, other than a few things on Snapchat or Instagram stories, but I have lots of photos on my phone. I probably annoyed my boyfriend with the number of houses and dogs I saw on the street that I sent him on Snapchat during my trip. I’m not a selfie person, so I don’t have any photos of me in San Francisco. I kind of wish I would have thought about taking a few!”

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