• Name: Nicki Georgi
  • Job Title: Associate Media Director
  • Fun fact: We had a surprise wedding!
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Jordan? My favorite thing is the opportunity to grow.  Management places full trust in me and it affords me the ability to test new ideas, develop strong relationships with my clients and always push the boundaries of media. 

Where did you go?
“A small town in Normandy, France, Danvou-la-Ferrière.”
Who did you go with?
“Joe Jones, my husband.”
What kind of trip was it?  
What was the duration of the trip?
“A week.”
Why did you go?
“We went because Joe was previously stationed in England and has a bunch of friends that he played softball with at torments while living there. One of his friends decided to move his family to France in a Winnebago. He packed his family in the Winnebago and they caught the ferry to France. Their Winnebago broke down so they parked, looked around and they found their perfect chateau farmhouse. All of his English friends and those of us from America congregate to his farmhouse. Dozens and dozens of friends take the ferry over from England and it’s a weekend of friends, food, and softball. 86 of us stayed on the farm and 15 of us were local French people that would come by.”

What were the sleeping arrangements like?
“50 people camped in tents in the backyard and 30 people get a bed. Since Joe and I were coming from America, we didn’t have our camping gear and we got a bed. They have a couple of cottages and the main house, and there’s a huge dorm room in the house that has 12 beds in it.”

Tell us about something you ate on your trip?
“First thing when you get there, you’re surrounded by all these British people so you forget you’re in France… until Saturday morning and there are all of these pastries that they bring for a hundred people. Then you bite into it and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m in France! I forgot.’ So that’s my favorite thing.
Joe’s favorite thing is the paella we have on Sunday night.  The roasted pig is also fun and festive. Everyone comes and eats French cheese and they drank a lot of French beer. There are also stacks of crepes! I go for the food!”

What was your favorite activity?
“It was just being with everybody.  Just catching up. We didn’t go last year because Joe was deployed. It’s seeing our friends that we haven’t seen in two years. So it was about spending time with them and laughing.
We also had a costume party, which in England they call Fancy Dress. The theme was 80’s/footloose barn dance. So Joe and I dressed country. One of our friends dressed up like an F14 from Top Gun, it was really funny! Another friend had a flight suit with a goose head so he was Goose from Top Gun.
They also had a surprise wedding for us! It was a double surprise wedding for Joe and I and another couple that got married in Texas. It was on the softball field. It was pretty funny!”

What is something you always bring with you when you travel? 
“Well, I didn’t really need anything, just our softball stuff. They never have enough fruit there. They just had snacks and junk food, so I went to the store and bought a bunch of fruit so I could have it.”

Would you visit Danvou-la-Ferrière again?
“Oh yeah, it’s Joe’s favorite trip of the year. If we can go, we go every year.”

Would you recommend Danvou-la-Ferrière to other travelers?
“I would. It’s very close to Normandy and the beaches of Normandy, which is very interesting and powerful for Americans to go to. But, if you’re going to the country you better have a good car and a good map! It’s out in the country so it’s totally different from Paris. Everyone feels like there are two kinds of France. There’s Paris, France and then there’s the rest of France. It’s just different!”

Can you get around without speaking the language?
“I think you could. You would eat well no matter what. So, I think you could get around. You definitely can’t get around without a car that’s for sure.”

How do you document your trip?
“Personally, I didn’t document it as well (as others), I was just too busy and distracted. Luckily when there are 86 people, they’re all taking pictures.”

Was it hard saying “Goodbye?”
“No, we’re actually going back in October for a wedding, so it was more like see you later.”

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