• Name: Randy Bradley
  • Work Anniversary: 09/01/00
  • Job Title: VP/ Creative Director
  • Fun Fact: In high school, I ran track, won state multiple times and got a college scholarship to do the same. My best event was the 110 hurdles.
  • Favorite thing about working at Jordan: The free coffee among other things.

Where did you go?

“We went to the Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, TX area, and more specifically we went to Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor and The Stockyards.”

What kind of trip was it?

“A family trip with my wife, daughter and two sons.”

Why did you go?

“Well for Christmas this year purchased the kids season passes to Frontier City and White Water. These passes could be used at all Six Flags locations so we decided to take advantage of this, and headed down south for a quick getaway before the summer got too hot.”

Tell us about your favorite part of the trip

“Obviously the answer has to be spending time with my family, but I always enjoy having new experiences with my wife.”

Tell us about something that you learned on your trip

“Even though my family and I love road trips, I am usually afraid that nobody will get along in the car during these trips. However every time, I am pleasantly surprised by how pleasant it is. I don’t recall spending much time in Ft. Worth, but I found it to be a nice little place to visit.”

Tell us about something you ate on your trip?

“No road trip would be complete for my family without at least one stop at an eatery that has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This trip was no exception, and one such location that we went to this time was Chef Point Bar & Restaurant. I partook in what is lovingly called the Bloody Beast, which is comprised of two shrimp, a slider, french fries, fried chicken, a roasted jalapeno, a pickle, celery and more as the garnish to a bloody Mary. Unfortunately, my daughter ended up spilling my Bloody Beast and the fine folks at Chef Point promptly made me a new one and brought it to the table.”

Would you visit Fort Worth and Dallas again?

“Without a doubt I would visit again, and we actually have plans to return this fall.”

Would you visit Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor again?

“I would visit both again. I now know a few tricks to make both parks an even more pleasurable experience.”

Would you recommend any of your locations to other travelers?

“I would recommend all the places to all the travelers. I would say go to Six Flags on a Monday before Mid-June or after August to get the most out of that park.  Hurricane Harbor is going to be crowded no matter when you go, but make sure you take some water socks. The concrete is hot and textured and it eats your feet up.”

Would you ever live in Fort Worth or Dallas?

“Yes. We actually have friends who live down there that we visited, so I got to see what the home environment is like, versus the hotel environment.”

How do you document your trip?

“I document it in my mind, but my wife documents it via social media, and I always end up looking through the pictures and remembering things via her efforts.”

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