• Name: Rob Schmidt
  • Job Title: Art Director
  • Fun fact: Disney World is pure chaos

Where did you go?
“Florida. Disney World.”
Who did you go with?
“Wife & Daughter (9)”
What kind of trip was it?
“Family vacation.”
What was the duration of the trip?
“One week.”
Why did you go?
“My wife and I made a promise that we’d take our daughter.”

Tell us about something you learned on your trip?
“I learned my daughter loves rollercoasters that are in the dark because she can’t see what’s coming up next. That was pretty neat. Also, my wife is a trooper! She’s pregnant and couldn’t ride many rides, plus she had to deal with the heat.”

Tell us about something you ate on your trip?
“We ate at a buffet located in the Animal Kingdom and that area is based on Africa. We had green curry shrimp and that was my first time eating African cuisine. I happily ate it!”

What was your favorite activity?
“My favorite activity was going to the beach. We love the beach! I hate hot weather unless I’m in the water.
My favorite ride was Avatar’s Flight of Passage. It was a 4D experience. When the ride was over I didn’t want to get off. You could feel the wind, you could smell the trees and the cave, feel the water when you fly by. It was amazing! We were only able to ride it once because the wait was an hour and a half to three hours long. Even though the estimated time was an hour and a half we waited just under an hour. It went by really quick!”

What is something you always bring with you when you travel?
“We always bring cleaning supplies. The soaps at the hotels are always really drying so we bring soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. I also wish I brought more money!!!”

What was the most expensive activity on your trip?
“We had a dining plan, and the most expensive dinner was $200 for the whole family. It was a character dining experience with beauty and the beast, but we only got to see the beast.”

Would you visit Disney World again?
“I don’t know how any sane person could visit Disney World twice. With that said, we’ll have to go again because my wife is pregnant and we’ll have another little one. We’ll end up taking her down to Disney World too.”

Did your daughter enjoy the trip?
“I think she had a lot of fun. There were a lot of rides that she really enjoyed. It was great to see a smile on my daughters face, and it was great to be there with my wife and daughter.”

Would you recommend Disney World to other travelers?
“I would recommend Disney World, but it’s chaos. Absolute chaos! The trip as whole was fun. I’m glad to have experienced it with my family. I got to ride amazing rides with my daughter.”

How did you document your trip?
“We did do it on social media, but I’m making a book. A hardbound book so my daughter can go back and look at.”

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