Name: Tammy Monden
Job Title:
Media Director
Work Anniversary:
Fun fact:
I’m a tomboy at heart. I’d rather work in the yard than clean the house.
Favorite thing about working at Jordan: Definitely the people.

Where did you go? “Pagosa Springs, Silverton, Ouray & Telluride Colorado”
Who did you go with? “We took my brother’s two boys, Kohl (16) and Kade (12)”
What kind of trip was it? “It was a family trip to show my Georgia boys the mountains.”
Why did you go? “My two nephews had never been to Colorado, New Mexico or Texas so we decided to take them on a road trip for a couple of weeks in July before they went back to school.”

Tell us about something that you did on your trip
“My favorite activity was definitely off-roading in our side by sides. We get to see a lot of sites you can’t see just driving down the highway. Another highlight was watching family paragliding in Telluride.”

Tell us about something you learned on your trip
“I learned that 12 and 16-year-olds are always stuck to their phones/iPads, and they sleep a lot. I remember when I was younger and we would travel to Colorado, we would look at the sites and the mountains, but my nephews – they just slept.”

Tell us about something you ate on your trip

“Every year we ride our side by sides on the Alpine Loop from Silverton to Lake City so we can get a treat at the San Juan Soda Company. It’s a little ice cream parlor in Lake City that we like to stop and treat ourselves to some ice cream. Even our dogs get a scoop of vanilla ice cream.”

What is something you always bring with you when you travel?
“I always bring a camera to document my trips. I want to capture as many things as I can, even if it’s as small as a wildflower.”

Would you visit Silverton again?
“Yes, we try to go every year. Normally we go in mid-September to see the Aspen changing color.”

Would you recommend Silverton to other travelers?
“Yes, of course. The temperature, people and mountains are absolutely amazing!”

Would you ever live in Silverton?
“Yes, but the cost of living is higher in Colorado.”

How do you document your trip?
“I take a lot of pictures and make sure my family is in them. What is better than spending time with family and making great memories?”

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