What We Do:

Sensational, Entertaining & Inspiring Marketing

Kickass Creative Elements + Campaigns

Savvy Media Plans & Strategic Placement

Insightful & Expert Brand Management

Here's How We Do it

Research & Data

It all starts with learning our clients inside and out. We identify pain points, objectives, and patterns between the brand and target audiences. Our research generates insights that inform our marketing strategy and guide the platforms, media, and formats used to make the most impact for our clients.

We utilize customized data visualization tools for real-time reports and monitoring, and we are always analyzing and measuring the action we take for our clients. We put that information to work to adapt the messaging and strategies as the audience evolves.
Reporting Tools
  • Alerts
  • Graphs
  • Geographic Maps
  • Dynamic Funnels
  • Report Automation
  • Analytics
  • Reporting Dashboards


Creativity is our approach to every aspect of our marketing process and it is informed by careful research of our client’s business, customers, targets, and trends.

We develop conceptual ideas that spark the stellar campaigns we love crafting - branding, messaging, content creation, ads, media planning, and execution. Once the concept is developed, distinct creative tactics are generated for each platform or medium.
Creative Services
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio/Visual Production
  • Animation
  • Web Design & Development
  • Content Creation
  • Script/Copywriting
  • Public Relations

Media Strategy

After identifying key business objectives that emerge from our research, we determine which platforms, media, targets, tools, and formats will best deliver the crafted messaging. Deeply understanding each platform and its function is vital to deploying successful digital marketing strategies and other inbound/outbound campaigns.

Knowing when, how, and why to apply a specific strategy, segmentation, and optimization is guided by KPIs and our constant monitoring. We work to increase growth in an exponential and quantifiable way.
Media Platforms
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Connected TV
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Search & Display Ads
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn
  • Programmatic
  • Amazon Advertising

Social Media

We construct social media strategies for sales, client services, brand building, and other client-led objectives. From strategic plans to execution of content creation, community management and moderation, we are constantly evaluating and nimbly shifting to keep up with the ever-morphing social media landscape.

Audiences are smarter and more conscious consumers than ever. Relevancy is key. So we ask questions: Where is the audience? How do they like to consume content? How do they prefer to interact with brands? What moves them? What are the competitors doing? What message can cut through the noise?
Social Media Services
  • Strategic Plans
  • Employee Advocacy Training
  • Content Creation
  • Platform & Community Management
  • Detailed Reporting

Marketing Consultancy

Did you know over half of Jordan’s team has been with the agency for well over a decade? We’ve not only heard about the changes in the industry through the years; we’ve led our clients through the unknown with expertise and passion. Our long-standing agency relationships keep us well-connected, so we know how to get our clients exactly what they need when special projects call for that special touch.

We help our clients transfer thoughts from the think tank into actionable and trackable deliverables by following a custom process designed specifically for your industry/brand. We know how to balance creative thinking with reality, and are prepared to light the way to your next best brand move.

If you’re ready to put this kind of expertise to work for you, let’s talk!

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