Jordan puts in the effort to place your ads where your customers will see them. From Television to Outdoor, Google to TikTok, we will target individuals who are interested in your offerings. Your customers are on different platforms, so your advertising should be there too!

Jordan is utilizing Google Performance Max to maximize ad delivery efficiency. This platform unifies Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Display, and Discover ads into a single platform maximizing optimizations, system learnings, and the reach of your dollars.

From tourism to finance, conversion tracking is important for evaluating campaign performance. We implement multiple platforms including Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to make event tracking work for you. Data Security is a top-of-mind modern issue for many consumers, so even when putting pixels on your site isn’t an option, we will find alternative solutions.

Audience building is one of the most important parts of launching a digital media campaign. In addition to some audiences gravitating to specific platforms more than others, some platforms have different restrictions and offerings that you should keep in mind. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If your offer falls under housing, employment, or credit umbrellas, targeting options will be reduced. This is a mandate most digital platforms must enforce to prevent discrimination based on gender, race, income, and other protected classes.
  • Use platforms that fit your campaign needs the best. Sometimes text and images are not enough to properly explain your product, or you need to differentiate your product from your competitors. In this case, video platforms give you the time to properly showcase. Video, however, can be expensive, so if you prioritize reaching more people, you can maximize your reach with platforms like display banner ads.
  • For targeting, know when to focus and when to expand. Sometimes you can home in on the exact audience that is interested in your product, but this is often not the case. Expanding into adjacent products allows you to reach a larger audience likely interested in your offering. Knowing when to widen or focus your audience can help maximize campaign performance and reach potential customers.
  • As an example, with 2023’s campaign for the Riversport Foundation, in addition to targeting those interested in Riversport OKC’s core offerings of whitewater rafting and rowing, we expanded into advertising toward adventure travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. The common link is that these people enjoy spending time outdoors doing high-energy activities.

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