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Jordan united with SolidRoots, a Tulsa-based family game company, to make some movie magic. To create the short film, Mind the Gap – Stack Your Team with Heroes, we utilized the vibrant backdrops of The Bradford House in OK, bringing SolidRoot’s brand and our creative vision to life. 

We chose the short film route over a typical 30- or 15-second commercial so our clients would have an abundance of cuts and routes for commercials both now and in the future. This decision allowed us to offer more bang for our client’s buck, a factor that weighs heavily in our strategic approach. 

For holiday promotions in 2023, we transformed elements and sections of the film into short social media ads that proved to convert through record-breaking sales. The piece we created is dynamic and moldable, which has benefitted SolidRoots in countless ways so far.

This project is going down in the books as one of the most immersive, intricate, and inventive projects our team has delivered to date. To make it work, we needed a seamless blend of emotion, strategy, and playfulness. From storyboarding and producing to directing and final cut, we did just that.

What the founder of Solid Roots had to say!

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