When we’re looking to source narratives for brands, more times than not we start with the customers. By letting real customers tell real stories, we made AAA Oklahoma’s commercials relatable to the general public. Our interviewees shared everyday situations and how AAA Oklahoma helped them, which ultimately increased positive sentiment and awareness for the brand. Once we produced these commercials, our media team placed through across various mediums which successfully reached new clients throughout the state.

Using AAA customer testimonials made our commercials relatable to the public. Discussing everyday situations and how AAA was able to help, ultimately increased awareness of AAA’s brand.

Digital Ads

Our digital display ads promoted AAA services to target audiences within various DMAs.

AAA Digital

AAA digital2

Educational Videos

Oklahoma weather can be tricky and our animated educational videos for hail, severe storms and earthquakes provided an overview of how AAA helps save money and offers various plan choices for when mother nature has a tantrum.


Interested individuals are able to review our brochure for more information on services and job opportunities within AAA.

AAA Brochure1

Recruitment Videos

By using Oklahoma AAA agents, our recruitment videos provide an authenticity to AAA and their entrepreneurial agent program. Highlighting their personal stories, these individuals are able to show how working for AAA has greatly impacted their lives.

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